WARNING This documentation will no longer be maintained!

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µWiotys extends the capacities of your equipments with LoRaWAN technology. µWiotys allows operators to make full use of their Building Management System (BMS) and owners to keep control of their building.

How does it work?

µWiotys is plug and play and compatible with BMS on the market. It supports many LoRaWAN devices.


  1. Select lora devices from the list compatible with µWiotys
  2. Configure your Lora Device in µWiotys gateway
  3. The Lora payload are decoded and made avaible in Modbus registers and/or HTTP/MQTT output and CSV files available locally.

Main Feature

  • Up to 200 lora devices connected
  • Data decoding available for a catalogue of device
  • Indoor and outdoor gateways available
  • Each lora device is managed as a individual modbus slave

Radio Coverage

The radio coverage of the gateway can vary from a few hundred meters to more than 15 km. Several factors should be considered :

  • The location of your devices : outdoor, indoor, deep indoor. Always position your device at least 20 cm away from possible interference like solid walls, metal structures,…
  • The location of the gateway: always select highest ground and position antenna away from possible interference like walls, metal structures,…
  • The type of gateway and accessories:
    • Indoor gateway Kerlink iFemtocell-Evolution can cover a building using indoor and outdoor devices.
    • Outdoor gateway Kerlink iStation can cover several buildings using indoor, outdoor and deep indoor devices.
    • An external antenna can also be added to iStation in order to extend coverage.

Wi6labs offers radio coverage studies and installation services for gateways. Please contact support for more details


You can configure µWiotys from a computer within your local network. Wi6labs provide an Online support interface to help with your gateway configuration but µWiotys does not require internet connection.