Configuration interfaces

Two interfaces are available to customize µWiotys.

  • FTP interface for:
    • Management of the device fleet
    • Configuration of outputs
    • Support
  • Web Interface for:
    • Network configuration
    • Lora Downlink management
    • Support


The Gateway needs a dedicated IP adress on the same VLAN as the Modbus automate. It can be set up as DHCP or static IP. The default configuration is:

  • static
  • address:
  • netmask:
  • gateway:

The Gateway should be synchronized to a NTP server in order to have valid timestamps of the Lora payload. The default NTP servers configured are and, however this won't be valid if the Gateway doesn't have internet access.

You can modify NTP configuration using Web interface Administration > Gateway

µWiotys will use the following port.

Fonction Port
Modbus 502
FTP configuration 2222
Web configuration 80
Support Wi6labs* 81
Support Wi6labs* 22
Application HTTP could be specific to each application

* Support ports are only used if your need remote support session from Wi6labs support team

Lora devices

The device must be declared in µWiotys with folowing parameters:

  • Device EUI
  • Application Type (OTAA/ABP)
  • Application EUI
  • Application key
  • Manufacturer model reference (see list device)
  • Modbus Slave number [1 to 200]

Only class A and C devices are supported. OTAA configuration is the default configuration. All advanced Lora parameters are managed by Wi6labs.

See FTP configuration for LoraWAN device provisioning.

Once the configuration is loaded on the Gateway, all devices and corresponding Modbus tables will initialise after reboot.

Output Data


The modbus starts on the VLAN IP address with the standard modbus port 502. Each device will be seen by the controller as an individual slave, available slave ID are 1 to 200.

µWiotys can be requested by several controllers, however keep in mind that it is useless to pull the registers too often. The LoraWan devices will update the registers approximately between 1 hour and 1 day depending on their configuration and type.

µWiotys supports read holding register (function code 3)

µWiotys supports write single register (function code 6) only for several register (see modbus table) Warning, writing register will trigger LoraWan downlink command, therefore it is best to have a few second of delay between each command in order to avoid radio collision.

Common table

All slaves share a common table with these informations:

  • Dev EUI
  • Reference ID
  • last timestamp

Measurement table

The Measurement table is specific to each device type (Temperature, Industrial,...) without any differencies between manufacturer. The data specific to each device type (temperature, voltage,...) will only be available after the first Lora payload is received and will be updated with each new payload.

All the register information is defined in modbus dictionary.

Type of value used

Data type register size description range
U16 1 unsigned integer [ 0 - 65 535 ]
U32 2 unsigned integer word swapping [ 0 - 4 294 967 295 ]
U64 4 unsigned integer word swapping [ 0 - 18 446 744 073 709 551 615 ]
S16 1 signed integer [ -32 768 - +32 767 ]
S32 2 signed integer word swapping [ -2 147 483 648 - +2 147 483 647 ]
S64 4 signed integer word swapping [ -9 223 372 036 854 775 808 - +9 223 372 036 854 775 807 ]
float 2 Floating point byte swapping (abcd) NA

To read float, see an exemple at FAQ

Http rest data server

µwiotys provide an http rest output. This output is configurable by FTP (see output-configuration). An http request will be sent for each frame received in µwiotys, your server must respond with 200 OK. The json sent will contain informations of the common table and the measured value.

If your server miss the request, all the data sent can be retreive using the FTP in /uwiotys/log/uwiotys_functionnal.log ou using the data logger csv output.

Data logger

µwiotys provide a csv output. This output is configurable by FTP (see output-configuration).

You can retreive the csv files in the FTP under /uwiotys/log/$END_DEVICE_ID/. Each sensor has its own folder with its own data.