How can I find the IP address?

If the gateway is configured in DHCP, it might be tricky to find IP address to configure uWiotys.

  • On windows

you can use then filter on MAC ADDRESS and / or MAC VENDOR


  • On linux

sudo nmap -sn | grep "GATEWAY_MAC_ADDR"

Replace with the network IP.

How to reboot

For iFemtocell Evolution or iStation:

  • With Web interface:
    • Administration > Gateway
  • With ftp :

    • Create a file named "reboot" in directory "/update/".
    • A file XXXXXXXX_reboot_processed_yy is created once the command is processed.
    • Command reboot is processed if XXXXXXXX_reboot_processed_yy does not exist and each time the command file is edited.
  • With Kerlink gateway button :

    • iFemToCell: Press the reset button located on the side of the gateway.
    • iStation: Press once (and only once) the On/Off button.

Warning: an electric reboot can corrupt the update process

How to shutdown

To shutdown, simply unplug the gateway.

How do I know my µWiotys version?

Using FTP navigation, check out /uwiotys/log/uwiotys_functionnal.log.

How do I know µWiotys is fully started?

start or reboot can take a few minutes!

When the GW is fully started the directory /uwiotys/devices_current_config/ will contains curent_config_XXXXX.json XXXXX being the time of the reboot. Make sure to press F5 in Filezilla to refresh the directory.

Device update not done

The device update can take a few minute even after GW reboot, make sure to press F5 in Filezilla to refresh the directory.

If the update log isn't created, check the name of your update file : devices_update.json

How do I know my LoraWAN device is started?

Firstly, your device must be configured into µWiotys. Check if you can read the devEui from common table (registry 0x01 size 4).

Only then you can start the device (button, magnet, ... depending on each LoraWan device), once the device sends its first uplink frame, the registry 0x06 size 2 on common table will be updated (time of the uplink)

The JOIN exchange is not visible on µWiotys, the device must send an uplink.

Modbus registry is not available

If a Modbus registry isn't available, it can mean there is no Lora device configured at this slave address. Check out the Common table at registry 0x0000 to 0x0005 to make sure your slave is correctly configured. If you cannot read the devEui please check your µWiotys configuration file.

For measurement reading, please make sure you are checking the proper Modbus table. You can check the configured Wi6labs reference available in common table registry 0x0005.

Measurement value is 0xFFFF

The measurement Modbus registry will be configured to default value 0xFFFF (or 0x7FFF for signed) until a valid measurement payload is received. The join message will not be displayed in Modbus. When an uplink is received with no valid measurement (config payload, keep alive,...) the timestamp will be updated but not the measurement registry.

Floating point reading example

With Modbus Doctor, we want to read the value of the register 0x302D.
In order to get the right floating point's value (0.04174805), we have to set Modbus Doctor's parameters to the following values:

  • Display mode : 32 bits float
  • Register : 302D h
  • Length : 02 h
  • Type : 3 Holding registers
  • Check "Swap bytes" box

The value we had in our example, was 0x3D2B0000 in hexadecimal and 0.04174805 in float.

The timestamp value is incorrect

The timestamp contains the date and time of the last uplink message for each slave, so it can take several minutes or hours to refresh depending of the Lora device uplink frequency.

The GW is automatically synchronised with NTP reference. Two NTP servers can be configured. When the GW is started it will automatically gets the time from NTP reference. If no NTP is available, the time of the last shutdown will be used.

How to get µWiotys logs

In case of technical questions, Wi6labs support will ask you to send your platform logs.

  1. connect via FTP and retreive all files and directories under uwiotys
  2. connect via the web interface and download all 4 logs package from each tab